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September 23, 2013
  • Congratulations, again, to our undergraduate students who successfully wrote honors theses and will also graduate with departmental honors for 2014: Stephanie HongMark Specht, and Chloe Woodhouse!
  • We are delighted to announce the three co-winners of this year’s SHC Prize for the best undergraduate essay, paper, or thesis:
  • Stephanie Hong, for her honors thesis, “Truth in Advertising? Owning ‘Public Interest’ in Congressional Debates Over Direct-to-Consumer Advertising (DTCA)” (Adviser: Mariana Craciun)
  • Mark Specht, for his honors thesis, “The Moral Philosophies of Scientists” (Adviser: Mark Sheldon)
  • Chloe Woodhouse, for her honors thesis, “Evaluating Meaningful Use of Electronic Medical Records: Does EMR Support Doctor-Doctor Communication in Referrals for Surgery?” (Adviser: Steve Epstein)
  • Congratulations to Stephanie, Mark, and Chloe! Each co-winner will receive a prize of $200. We would also like to convey our appreciation and thanks to the other students who submitted their work for consideration in this competition.
  • Congratulations to Mark Specht (SHC major, class of 2014), who has been elected to the Phi Beta Kappa honors society.
  • Congratulations to Cluster Fellow Alka Menon, who has been awarded a Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship from the Social Science Research Council. Alka will participate in the dissertation development group focusing on “Making the Biotech Body: Technologies, Knowledge, and Global Markets.” Alka’s project is entitled “Ethnic Cosmetic Surgery and the Biotech Body in Multiethnic Societies.”
  • Congratulations to SHC cluster fellow Jaimie Morse, who has been awarded a Northwestern Presidential Fellowship to complete her dissertation! The Presidential Fellowship is described by the university as the most prestigious fellowship awarded by Northwestern. Jaimie’s dissertation, which combines approaches from STS, law and society, and sociology of culture, is entitled “Technologies of Commemoration: Knowledge Production in Documentation of Mass Rape.”
  • Welcome to new faculty member Paul Ramírez, Assistant Professor of History; he studies Mexican public health campaigns in the long nineteenth century. And to Laura Pedraza Fariña, who is joining Northwestern as an Assistant Professor of Law; she studies intellectual property and international human rights. Congratulations also to Tania Munz, who has been appointed Lecturer in Science in Human Culture, and a WCAS College Advisor.
  • We also welcome two new postdoctoral fellows to SHC. Mariana Craciun will be affiliated with the Sociology Department; she studies the evaluation of psychiatric treatments in the contemporary U.S. Daniel Stolz will be affiliated with the History Department; he studies the reception of science in modern-era Islamic cultures, and in Egypt in particular. Our most recent postdoctoral fellow, Lukas Rieppel, has taken a position as an assistant professor of history at Brown University.
  • We are also being joined this year by three new Mellon Foundation cluster graduate fellows in science studies: Chelsea FrazierTommy Rousse, and Arielle Tolman.
  • Congratulations to recent Ph.D. recipients Teri Chettiar (History, 2013), now a postdoc at the Max Planck in Berlin; and Anne Koenig (History, 2013) an assistant professor at South Florida. Our students continue to win grants and prizes: Jaimie Morse received an SSRC grant for 2013-14 for her work on international forensic science and human rights.