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Current Post-Doctoral Fellow

Sarah Carson

Sarah Carson

SHC Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2019-2021
Department of History

Areas of Interest
History of South Asia; Environmental History; Science and Technology Studies; History of Meteorology and Climate; Pluralistic and Vernacular Knowledges

Sarah Carson (Ph.D. September 2019, Princeton University) is a historian of modern South Asia studying the intersections between forecasting technologies, weather reasonings, and state-society relations. Her research charts the particular history of the India Meteorological Department alongside economic, social, and atmospheric developments in the South Asian region to argue for the centrality of “nature” to the politics of imperialism and nationalism. Sarah’s related interests include astrological knowledges, global environmental science, histories of bureaucracy, and narratives of environmental change. During her time with SHC, Sarah will be expanding her dissertation “Ungovernable Winds” into a book examining the connections between weather knowledges and state power in India, and engaging questions surrounding the scientific invention of “the tropics” and the role played by weather in everyday public life. She will also begin work on her next book project, which will explore the cultures of the postcolonial earth and environmental sciences in India and Pakistan, using oral history to complement the fragmentary textual archives currently available.

Courses Taught
History 392-0-2 The History of Predicting the Future (Winter 2020); History 275-2 History of Modern Science and Medicine (Spring 2020)

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