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Current Post-Doctoral Fellow

Santiago Molina

Santiago Molina

Science in Human Culture 2021-2023
Department of Sociology

Curriculum Vitae

Areas of Interest

Science, Knowledge, and Technology; Health and Biomedicine; Political Sociology, Racial and Ethnic Relations, Organizations, Philosophy of Scientific Practice, Ethnographic and Qualitative Methods


Santiago J. Molina (he/they) obtained his PhD from the University of California-Berkeley in August 2021 in the department of Sociology with a designated emphasis in Science, Technology and Society. Their work sits at the intersections of STS, political sociology, sociology of racial and ethnic relations, and bioethics. On a theoretical level, Santiago’s work concerns the deeply entangled relationship between the production of knowledge and the production of social order. During his time at Northwestern, Santiago will be working on a book, The Biopolitics of Genome Editing, which describes the growth, practice and spread of CRISPR-Cas9 technology and the maintenance of moral orders that legitimize CRISPR’s use in the wake of public controversies. Santiago will also begin work on their next book project which will interrogate the racial politics of recruiting patients into genome-editing clinical trials for sickle-cell anemia and beta thalassemia.

Courses Taught: Sociology of Illness: The Normal and Pathological Through the Lens of Genetics (Winter 2022); Sociology of Technology (Spring 2022)

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