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2009-2010 Doctoral Colloquia

The doctoral colloquium is a student-run colloquium that enables graduate students to try out grant proposals, present dissertation chapters, give practice job talks, discuss issues of professional development, and hear visiting speakers. The colloquium usually meets on Mondays at 4:00-5:30pm in the Hagstrum Room (University Hall 201) on those Mondays when there is no scheduled Klopsteg lecture.

Darcy Hughs Heuring (History) coordinated meetings and events for 2009-10.

FALL 2009

October 12

Discussion of "Interdisciplinarity in Science Studies," with presentations by Professors Steven Epstein and Ken Alder and Science in Human Culture Postdoctoral Fellow Daniel Margocsy.

October 26

We will have a discussion about our interests and/or our work in order to get to know one another better. The meeting will be loosely organized around themes, and several of us agreed to speak briefly and informally about our interests and/or work in relation to those themes.

November 23

Discussion of methods in science studies, with presentations by Professors Ken Alder (History), Jennifer Light (Communication Studies), and Grégoire Mallard (Sociology).

December 2 (reading group)

—Peter Galison, "Ten Problems in History and Philosophy of Science" Isis 99 no. 1 (2008).
—Lorraine Daston, "Science Studies and the History of Science" Critical Inquiry 35 (Summer 2009).
—Mario Biagioli, "Postdisciplinary Liaisons: Science Studies and the Humanities" Critical Inquiry 35 (Summer 2009)

12.00 pm, AMST Seminar Room, University Hall 018


January 11

Presentation by University of Chicago Press Editor Karen Darling about book publishing in the history of science/science studies and academic book publishing in general.

March 8 (reading group)

Reading selections from Kapil Raj's Relocating Modern Science: Circulation and the Construction of Knowledge in South Asia and Europe, 1650-1900 (2007)


April 19

Reading of student dissertation proposals: Liz Onasch and Kati Sweaney.

June 2 (reading group)

Rebecca Skloot, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (Crown; 1 edition edition, February 2, 2010)

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