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2005-2006 Klopsteg Lecture Series

September 30

Kenneth Albala
"The Use and Abuse of Chocolate in 17th Century Medical Theory"

October 28

Bruno Latour
"Making Things Public"

November 18

Joel Snyder
"The Look of Silence: Visualizing Echoes"

January 20

Sokhieng Au
"Making the Modern Bubonic Plague in Colonial Cambodia"

February 10

Patrick Singy
"The Case of 'Sade': Constructing the Sadistic Individual in the Nineteenth Century"

February 24

Jan Golinski
"Scientific Conversations in the Enlightenment Public Sphere"

March 3

Jamie Cohen-Cole
"The Science and Politics of Autonomous Thought in Cold War America"

April 21

Elizabeth Williams

April 28

Jessica Riskin, Department of History, Stanford University
"Mechanical Christs, Hydraulic Brutes and the Invention of Consciousness."

May 5

Judith Schloegel, Argonne National Laboratory
"Disciplinary Identity and the Origins of Environmental Research at Argonne National Laboratory, 1955-1975"

May 12

Jan Goldstein, Department of History, University of Chicago
"Neutralizing Freud: Some Thoughts on the Implications of the Lycee Philosophy Class for the Reception of Psychoanalysis in France"

May 26

Elizabeth Williams, Department of History, Oklahoma State University
"Did the Enlightenment Recognize Eating Disorders? Digestion and Neurosis in Vitalist Medicine of the Late Eighteenth Century"