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Winter 2022 Class Schedule

English 434-0-20Early Modern Sexualities: Studies in Shakespeare and the Early DramaMastenW  2:00-4:50pm
English 441-0-20Green Materialisms - 18th Century LiteratureWolffTu   2:00-4:50pm
MSLCE 525-0-26Media Meet Technology: Ethnographies of Media Practices in the AmericasBoczkowksiTu   2:00-4:50pm
MTS 525-0-21Environment and Climate Issues in MTSSchwochM  2:00-4:50pm PHD students only
SESP LRN 451-0-23Global Histories of Engineering EducationVakilTh   9:30-12:20pm
Soc 406-3-1Contemporary Theory in Sociological AnalysisEspelandW  11:00-2:00pm
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