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2006-2007 Klopsteg Lecture Series

October 6

Laurence Monnais, Université de Montreal, Canada
"The Colonial Life of Pharmaceuticals: Accessibility to Healthcare, Consumption of Medicines, and Medical Pluralism in French Vietnam, 1905-1945"

October 19

Francisco Vidal, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin
"Brainhood: Historical roots and contemporary presence of the cerebral subject"

October 20

Andrea Rusnock, Department of History, University of Rhode Island
"When Disease Doesn't Spread: Cowpox, Smallpox and Vaccination, 1796-1810"

October 20

Bruno Latour, Sciences Po, Paris
"Who is a Naturalist? Philippe Descola's Par-dela nature et culture"

October 27

Qiong Zhang, Department of History, Southern Illinois University
"Whatever Happened at the Contact Zone? Matteo Ricci's World Maps and their Chinese reception"

November 10

Laura Stark, Department of Sociology, Northwestern University
"Do IRBs Make Consistent Decisions? The Role of Local Precedents in Science Decision-Making"

November 17

Sokhieng Au, Department of History, Northwestern University
"The King with Hansen's Disease: Tales of the Leper in Colonial Indochina"

January 12

Gary Fine, Department of Sociology, Northwestern University
“Authors of the Storm: Operational Meteorologists and the Culture of Prediction”

February 16

Stefan Sperling, Program on Science, Technology and Society, Harvard University

February 23

Sydney Halpern, Department of Sociology, University of Illinois – Chicago
“Professional Autonomy and the Regulatory State: Social and Behavioral Scientists Confront Human Subjects Regulations”

March 2

Paula DeVos, Department of History, San Diego State University

April 13

Abigail Lusti, Department of History, University of Texas
"Calculated Virtues, or, How Altruism Became Something Biologists Have to Explain"

May 4

Stefan Timmermans, Department of Sociology, UCLA
"The 51% Rule of Suicide: How Medical Examiners Decide that a Death was intentionally Self-Inflicted"

May 18

Pablo Boczkowski, Department of Communication Studies, Northwestern University
"Information Transparency: Materiality and Mimicry in the Journalistic Field and Beyond"