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September 15, 2015

Erik Baker’s SHC honors thesis project, “Ex Africa Semper Aliquid Novi: Credibility, Consensus, and Concern in the History of the Origins of AIDS,” has been awarded the SHC Essay Prize for 2016. Erik’s work was also accepted for presentation at the NU Undergraduate Research Expo. The Expo will be held on June 1st with Erik's panel taking place between 1:00- 2:30 pm in the Arch Room, Norris Center. Erik will be starting the History of Science PhD program at Harvard University in the fall.

CONGRATULATIONS TO SHC's FACULTY AFFILIATES for their new books, fellowships and awards:

September 14, 2015
Steve Epstein, Professor of Sociology and John C. Shaffer Professor in the Humanities, will be a fellow at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study in 2016-17, working on a project called “Sexual Health as Buzzword: Histories of Emergence and Politics of Proliferation.”

Héctor Carrillo, Associate Professor of Sociology and Gender & Sexuality Studies, is one of the cohort of seven scholars chosen as the 2016-2017 Fellows for the Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities. During the fellowship year, Carrillo will further his research project, “The Paradox of Sexual Identities.”

Historian Ken Alder, studies identity at the intersection of science and law, has been featured in the Northwestern Research.

Mariana Craciun
 for her two-year NSF postdoctoral award, which should allow her to complete her book manuscript, Chasing Freud's Dream: Psychoanalysis Between Science and Emotion.

Scott Curtis for his new book, The Shape of Spectatorship: Art, Science, and Early Cinema in Germany (Columbia University Press, 2015).

Steve Epstein for his Senior Faculty Fellowship at the Kaplan Institute for the Humanities for 2015-16.

Gary Fine for his new book, Players and Pawns: How Chess Builds Community and Culture (University of Chicago Press, 2015).

Sandy Goldberg for his new book, Assertion: On the Philosophical Significance of Assertoric Speech (Oxford University Press, 2015).

Daniel Immerwahr for his new book, Thinking Small: The United States and the Lure of Community Development (Harvard University Press, 2015) and his NEH Fellowship at the Huntington Library to work on his current book, How to Hide an Empire.

Sylvester Johnson for his new book, African American Religions, 1500-2000: Colonialism, Democracy, and Freedom (Cambridge University Press, 2015).


September 14, 2015
Three new science studies cluster fellows also join SHC's ranks this year: Mallory Fallin and Omri Tubi in Sociology and Rachel Wallner in History.


September 14, 2015
Science in Human Culture welcomes five new faculty affiliates this fall. They are Lydia Barnett in the History department; Adia Benton in Anthropology; Anto Mohsin in NU-Qatar's Liberal Arts department; Michael Rodriguez in Sociology; and Kelly Wisecup in English. SHC is also joined this year by two new postdoctoral fellows: Stefanie Graeter in Anthropology and Fred Meiton in History.


September 14, 2015
Jaimie Morse has been awarded a Charlotte W. Newcombe Dissertation Fellowship for 2016-17 to complete her dissertation, “Documenting Mass Rape: The Emergence and Implications of Medical Evidence Collection Techniques in Settings of Armed Conflict and Mass Violence.

Alka Menon and Margarita Rayzberg have both been awarded Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grants from the Science, Technology, and Society program of the NSF. Alka’s dissertation is “Constructing the Ethnic Body: Race and Social Identity in Cosmetic Surgery in Multiethnic Societies,” and Margarita’s is “Controlling the Field: The History and Contemporary Practices of Social Experimentation in International Development.”

Kevin Baker has been selected as the Charles Babbage Institute's Adelle and Erwin Tomash Fellow for the 2016-2017 academic year in support of his dissertation project on the history of computer simulation models and international development policies.

Margarita Rayzberg has been awarded a grant from the Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy to complete her dissertation. On top of their regular grant, Margarita was selected as their annual Robert K. Merton awardee “for the most outstanding project in Theory and Practice.”