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Buffett Institute "Big Ideas" Grant to Faculty Affiliates

September 19, 2016

SHC is thrilled to announce a new faculty initiative on "Global Medical Cultures and Law" that was selected to receive a three-year Buffett Institute "Big Ideas" grant. Activities begin this year with Klopsteg talks and "incubator" seminars in fall and winter with, respectively, Mark Harrison, director of Oxford University's Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine, and Linda Barnes, medical anthropologist and professor of family medicine at Boston University. In the spring, SHC will co-sponsor a dialogue event featuring Johanna Gibson of Queen Mary University London and John Comaroff of Harvard University on May 5th, with the Kaplan Institute, on "Debt, Traditional Knowledge, and Cultural Property," and will host a two-day conference on May 6-7 on "Medical Cultures, Traditions, and Law."

Buffett Institute Conference Grant to Grad Affiliates

September 13, 2016

Congratulations to three SHC graduate affiliates - Savina Balasubramanian, Kevin Baker, and Omri Tubi - who submitted a successful grant proposal to the Buffett Institute for a spring conference on "Science and Technology in Global Affairs."

Welcome to New Graduate Students

September 13, 2016

Three new cluster fellows join SHC's wider community this year as well: Colin Bos in History, Austin Jenkins in Sociology, and Benjamin Riggs in Screen Cultures.

Welcome to New Colleagues

September 13, 2016

Science in Human Culture is delighted to welcome to campus Adia Benton, new faculty in Anthropology and the Program in African Studies; and Michael Rodriguez, a new member of the Sociology Department. We are also excited to welcome Hi'ilei Hobart, a new postdoctoral fellow who works in indigenous studies and food cultures and is jointly appointed to the Kaplan Institute and SHC; and Mitali Thakor, a new postdoctoral fellow with the Sexualities Program at Northwestern (SPAN) who will share SHC office space in University Hall.

New Graduate and Undergraduate Leaders

September 12, 2016

SHC thanks graduate cluster fellows, Alka Menon and Jaimie Morse, who will be taking the lead on the doctoral colloquium for 2016-17; and its undergraduate majors, Rui Zhou and Jordan Villanueva, who were selected to serve as this year's Student Advisory Board Representatives to the Dean's Office.