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Doctoral Colloquium

The doctoral colloquium is a student-run colloquium that enables graduate students to try out grant proposals, present dissertation chapters, give practice job talks, discuss issues of professional development and hear visiting speakers. The colloquium meet on Mondays 4:30-6:00pm.

The 2023-24 Colloquium Coordinator is Hugh Milner 

Students who would like to be added to the colloquium mailing list should contact Janet Hundrieser, the Science in Human Culture Program Administrator.


October 2

Welcome and introductions, colloquia planning for the year ahead

During our first doctoral colloquium meeting we will brainstorm ideas and start planning what we will do at this year’s colloquium meetings. In the past, we have discussed readings, workshopped papers, held panels on topics in science and human culture, and more, but it will be up to us to decide what’s in store for this year. 

October 30

Film Showing: Dune (2021)

Dennis Villeneuve's 2021 rendition of Frank Herbert's 1965 book touches on a number of crucial subjects in science in human culture. From ecology and the impact of extractive economies to the role of travel in political systems and even restrictions on AI, Dune is never far from thought on the role of science and technology in our society.

November 6

Readings Discussion

This meeting will see a discussion of the role of risk in scholarship on science in human culture. We will take a look at chapter 2 of Ulrich Beck's Risk Society for a grounding in some of the seminal scholarship on the subject, as well as chapter 8 of Creating Resilient Futures to see one area in which the concepts have been employed in recent years.

Copies of these readings can be requested by contacting Hugh Milner by email: 


 January 29

This week's meeting will be a works-in-progress workshop for two of our colleagues, Lauren Cole and Michelle Lee. Come to help them workshop their ideas and to learn more about what your fellow colloquium members are up to!

February 12 

This meeting will consist of a discussion of global and pre-modern medicine. We will use as the basis of our discussion chapter 3 of Sara Ritchey's "Acts of Care" and chapters 4 and 5 (they are short) of C. Pierce Salguero's "A Global History of Buddhism and Medicine". It should be an exciting opportunity to discuss the diversity of ways health and wellness have been conceived, as well as the role of faith and gender in medical care.

Copies of the readings can be requested by contacting Hugh Milner by email:


April 1

April 29

May 13