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Fall 2024 Class Schedule

Anthro 470-0-1History of Anthropological Theory LaunayTu   2:00-4:50pm
Anthro 490-0-5Mapping and GISHauserTu  2:00-4:50pm
Comp Lit 486-0-20Human, Non-Human, PosthumanByrnesTu  2:00-4:50pm
Comp Lit 488-0-21Unethical MediaVermaW  9:00-11:50am
English 465-0-20Studies in Colonial and Postcolonial LitNadimintiTu  2:00-4:50pm
History 405-0-20Global Legal History TilleyTh   2:00-4:50pm
Soc 484-0-20Comparative Historical WorkshopKingF  3:00-4:30pm