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Fall 2020 Class Schedule

Anthro 101-6-22Biological Thought & Action Leonard & McDonoughTuTh  4:20-5:40pm ONLINE COURSE
Anthro 370-0-20Anthropology in Historical Perspective LaunayTuTh   9:40-11:00amONLINE COURSE
Anthro 390-0-22Contraceptive TechnologiesBledsoe M  6:00-8:50pm ONLINE COURSE
Asian Am 360-0-21Trans Surgeries in Transnational ContextsEnteen MW  11:20-12:40pm ONLINE COURSE
Bio Sci 101-6-01Promises & Perils: The Social Reality of BiologyVincesMWF  9:10-10:00amONLINE COURSE
Bio Sci 101-6-03Values of Biodiversity WalshMW   4:20-5:40pm ONLINE COURSE
Chem 105-6-02The Scientist and the Science: Exploring CommunicationBernsMWF  10:20-11:10amONLINE COURSE
Comm St 246-0-20Intro to Health Communication Pusateri TBD   ONLINE COURSE
Comm St 383-0-20Media, Communication and Environment Schwoch TBD  ONLINE COURSE
Earth 342-0-01Contemporary Energy and Climate ChangeAxfordTBD  ONLINE COURSE
Econ 307-0-20Economics of Medical CareLimbrock TuTh   1:00-2:20pm ONLINE COURSE
Econ 342-0-20Economics of GenderHernandez-Saborit TuTh  9:40-11:00amONLINE COURSE
Econ 371-0-20Economics of Energy RidoTuTh  2:40-4:00pm ONLINE COURSE
English 381-0-20Literature & Medicine LaneMW  11:20-12:40pmONLINE COURSE
Envr Pol 212-0-1Environment and Society ThistleTuTh  11:20-12:40pm HYBRID COURSE
Envr Pol 336-0-01The Climate in Crisis, Policies and SocietyThistleTuTh  2:40-4:00pm HYBRID COURSE
Envr Pol 390-0-25The Politics of Disaster BarnettTuTh  11:20-12:40pm ONLINE COURSE
Envr Sci 203-0-01Humans and the Environment XieTBD   TBD
French 105-6-20The Fiction of Climate ChangeWinstonTuTh  9:40-11:00amONLINE COURSE
Gbl Health 301-0-20Intro to International Public HealthSullivan TuTh   11:20-12:40pm ONLINE COURSE
Gbl Health 302-0-1Global Bioethics Rodriguez TuTh  1:00-2:20pm ONLINE COURSE
Gbl Health 309-0-1Biomedicine and World History Tilley MW  11:20-12:40pm ONLINE COURSE
Gbl Health 321-0-1War and Public HealthLockeTu   2:40-5:20pm ONLINE COURSE
Gbl Health 322-0-1The Social Determinants of HealthLockeMW  1:00-2:20pm ONLINE COURSE
Gbl Health 325-0-01History of Reproductive HealthRodriguez TuTh  11:20-12:40pm ONLINE COURSE
Gndr St 101-6-20Intersectionality: Key Terms in Gender & Sexuality StudiesPartridge MW  1:00-2:20pm ONLINE COURSE
Gndr St 220-0-20Sexual Subjects: Intro to Sexuality StudiesFenrichTuTh   2:40-4:00pm ONLINE COURSE
Gndr St 331-0-20Sociology of Gender and Sexuality Orloff TuTh   4:20-5:40pm ONLINE COURSE
Gndr St 341-0-21Trans Surgeries in Transnational ContextsEnteenMW   11:20-12:40pm ONLINE COURSE
History 251-0-20The Politics of Disaster: A Global Environmental History BarnettTuTh  11:20-12:40pm ONLINE COURSE
History 379-0-20Biomedicine and World History TilleyMW  11:20-12:40pm ONLINE COURSE
Phil 216-0-20Intro to PragmatismMuellerTuTh   11:20-12:40pm ONLINE COURSE
Physics 110-6-2Breaking the Laws of Nature: Physics in SpeculationRasioTuTh  2:40-4:00pmONLINE COURSE
Psych 101-6-20Mental Health Diagnosis & Treatment GorvineMWF  9:10-10:00amONLINE COURSE
Soc 208-0-20Race and Society StewartTuTh  2:40-4:00pm ONLINE COURSE
Soc 212-0-20Environment and Society Thistle TuTh  11:20-12:40pm HYBRID COURSE
Soc 317-0-20Global Development Maloney TuTh  2:40-4:00pm ONLINE COURSE
Soc 336-0-20The Climate in Crisis, Policies and SocietyThistleTuTh   2:40-4:00pm HYBRID COURSE
Soc 376-0-21Topics in Sociological AnalysisKing TuTh 2:40-4:00pm   ONLINE COURSE
Stats 101-6Cryptology ZabellMWF  3:00-3:50pm ONLINE COURSE