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Spring 2021 Class Schedule

ANTHRO 101-6-22Mobile Papers: Passports, Visas, Cash in the GlobaYildizW  3:00-5:50pm Online
ANTHRO 316-0-20Forensic Anthropology Waxenbaum M, W   9:30-10:50amOnline
ANTHRO 327-0-20Archaeology of Ethnicity in AmericasHauerM, W   12:30-1:50pm Online
ANTHRO 383-0-20Environmental Anthropology RosenzweigT, Th  9:30-10:50amOnline
ANTHRO 390-0-21Evolutionary MedicineKuzawaT, Th  12:30-1:50pm Online
ANTHRO 390-0-27Fire and Blood: Political Ecologies of the EnvironOguzM, W   3:30-4:50pm Online
ANTHRO 390-0-28Becoming Planetary: Earth, Power, ImaginationOguzT, Th   3;30-4:50pm Online
BIO SCI 347-0-20Conservation of Biology WalshT, Th   9:30-10:50am Online
CHI FIELD ST 387-0-1Field Studies in the Environment, Science and Sustainability CollinsM   7:00-9:00pm Online
COMM ST 395-0-22Science, Policy & CommunicationNisbetTu   12:30-1:50pmOnline
EARTH 102-6-01Sustainability and Social JusticeHortonT, Th  11:00-12:20pm Online
EARTH 105-0-01Climate Catastrophies in Earth HistoryHurtgenTBD  Online
ECON 307-0-20Economics of Medical CareLimbrockM,W,F   11:00-12:20pmOnline
ECON 323-1-20Economic History of the US Before 1865RosenbergM,W,F  9:30-10:50amOnline
ECON 372-0-20Environmental Economics WitteT, Th  11:00-12:20pm Online
ENGLISH 378-0-21Environmental Justice in Black and Indig. Women's Lit CerneT, Th   2:00-3:20pmOnline
ENGLISH 381-0-20Intro to Disability Studies in Lit & MedicineChaskinM, W   3:30-4:50pm Online
ENGLISH 385-0-23Information Overload! LaddT, Th   12:30-1:50pm Online
ENVR POL 101-6-1Chicago Environmental JusticeRosenzweigM, W   1:00-2:20pmOnline
ENVR POL 390-0-28Ocean and Coastal Law and PolicyBurnsT, Th  11:00-12:20pmOnline
ENVR POL 390-0-29Special Topics: Natural DisastersBrunerM, W   11:00-12:20pm Online
ENVR POL 390-0-30Cyborg Environmentalism: Technology and the Natura WhitsonT, Th  12:30-1:50pmOnline
ENVR SCI 390-0-05Global Change EcologyXIET, Th  9:30-10:50am Online
GBL HEALTH 301-0-21Intro to International Public HealthSullivanTBD  Online
GBL HEALTH 302-0-20Global Bioethics RodriguezT, Th  9:30-10:50amOnline
GBL HEALTH 325-0-1History of Reproductive HealthRodriguezT, Th   11:00-12:20pm Online
GBL HEALTH 390-0-24Native Nations, Healthcare Systems and U.S. PolicyReyesW  12:00-1:00pmOnline
GNDR St 332-0-22Reproductive Justice Activism in ChicagoJohnson, Brown T, Th  11:00-12:20pmOnline
GNDR ST 350-4-20Coalitional Politics in the Second WavePartridge M, W   12:30-1:50pmOnline
HIST 300-0-32, SHC Core-List AModern Science in the Global South CarsonM, W   12:30-1:50pm Online
HIST 300-0-34Development of American Indian Law and Policy KielW  12:30-1:50pm Online
HIST 352-0-20Global History of Death and DyingHanrettaT, Th  9:30-10:50Online
HIST 393-0-22The Natural and Supernatural in Southeast AsiaCherryTu  6:00-8:50pm Online
HIST 395-0-20History of Things AlderT, Th  3:30-4:50pmOnline
ISEN 350-SA-X20Energy Techonology & Policy in ChinaTBDTBD  Online
PHIL 210-3-20ReedT, Th   11:00-12:20pmOnline
PHIL 221-0-20Gender, Politics and Philosophy DeutscherM, W   6:30-7:50pm Online
POL SCI 349-0-20International Environmental Politics Ruggles, SuiseeyaT, Th   11:00-12:20pmOnline
RTVF 398-0-21Media and the EnvironmentSmith W  3:00-4:30pm Online
SOC 306-0-1Sociological Theory CamicM, W   11:00-12:20pm Online
SOC 355-0-1, SHC Core-List B Medical Sociology HeimerT,Th  9:30-10:50am Online