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Fall 2023 Class Schedule

Anthro 101-7-2Biological Thought and ActionLeonard-McDonoughTu,Th  4:20-5:40pm
Anthro 214-0Archaeology: Unearthing History RosenzweigTu, Th  11:00-12:20pm
Anthro 290-0-2Food in Culture and Society WeismantalM, W   11:00-12:20pm
Anthro 290-0-3Technology, Power and Justice in the AnthropoceneKurticTu, Th  3:30-4:50pm
Anthro 343-0-1Anthropology of Race LupuW   2:00-4:50pm
Anthro 370-0-1Anthropology in Historical PerspectiveLaunayTu, Th  9:30-10:50am
Anthro 390-0-1Nature, Culture and EnvironmentalismsTBDW  2:00-4:50pm
Anthro 390-0-2Witches, Bots & Trolls: MisinformationWilkinson Tu, Th  12:30-1:50pm
Art History 386-0-1Photograpy and Africa ByrdTu, Th  12:30-1:50pm
Art History 390-0-1Resourcing Empire: Colonialism and Modern Architecure TBDM, W   3:30-4:50pm
Asian Languages and Cultures 240-0-20The End of a World: South Korean Fictions, FilmsWe Tu, Th   11:00-12:20pm
Asian Languages and Cultures 322-0-20Video Games in Japanese Culture GaubatzTu, Th  11:00-12:20pm
Bio Sciences 339-0-20Critical Topics in Ecology and ConservationFant - BarakTu, Th   11:00-12:20pm
Chemistry 105-7-01Science and the Scientist: How We CommunicateBernsM, W, F   10:00-10:50am
Classics 320-0-2Ancient Medicine: Greek and Roman HistoryWintersM, W  2:00-3:20pm
Comp Lit 307-0-20Studies in Gender, Sexuality and RepresentationWeTu, Th   2:00-3:20pm
Economics 101-7-20Why Gender Matters in Economics Hernandez-SaboritTu, Th  11:00-12:20pm
Economics 307-0-20Economics of Medical CareLimbrockTu, Th  12:30-1:50pm
Economics 323-1-20Economic History of the U.S. Before 1865ChabotTu, Th   6:30-7:50pm
Economics 323-2-20Economic History of the U.S. 1865 to PresentTBDM, W, F   2:00-3:20pm
Economics 324-0-20Western Economic History HanlonTu, Th   12:30-1:50pm
English 281-0-20Topics in Postcolonial and Comparative Literatures MwangiM, W   12:30-1:50pm
Envr Policy and Culture 212-0-20Environment and Society EwertM, W  3:30-4:50pm
Envr Policy and Culture 309-0-20American Environmental History WoodhouseTu, Th   2:00-3:20pm
Envr Policy and Culture 337-0-1Hazard, Disaster and Society HoominfarTu, Th  9:30-10:50am
Envr Policy and Culture 338-0-1Environmental Justice HoominfarTu, Th  2:00-3:20pm
Envr Policy and Culture 340-0-20Global Environments and World History TilleyTu, Th  2:00-3:20pm
Envr Policy and Culture 384-0-20Political Ecology RosenzweigM, W   11:00-12:20pm
Envr Policy and Culture 390-0-22International Env Law and Policy BurnsM, W   2:00-3:20pm
Envr Policy and Culture 390-0-24Nature, Culture and EnvironmentalismsTBDW  2:00-4:50pm
Gender St 235-0-20Beyond the Binary: Transgender and Race KeanTu, Th  11:00-12:20pm
Gender St 331-0-22Gender and Politics KeanTu, Th  3:30-4:50pm
Gender St 332-0-21Race, Gender, Sex and ScienceEpsteinTu, Th  9:30-10:50am
Gender St 341-0-20Trans-Related Medical Surgeries in ThailandEnteenM, W   9:30-10:50am
Gender St 382-0-20Afro Feminist Futures: Race, Gender and Sexuality BaileyM, W   2:00-3:20pm
Gender St 390-0-20Witches, Bots and Trolls: MisinformationWilkinsonTu, Th  12:30-1:50pm
Global Hlth 201-0-20Intro to Global HealthSullivanTu, Th  11:00-12:20pm
Global Hlth 222-0-20The Social Determinants of HealthLockeTu, Th  2:00-3:20pm
Global Hlth 302-0-20Global Bioethics ReyesM, W   3:00-4:20pm
Global Hlth 310-1-20Maternal Health in the 20th CenturyReyesM, W  3:00-4:20pm
Global Hlth 324-0-1Volunteerism and the Ethics of HelpSullivanW  10:00-12:50pm
Global Hlth 337-0-1Hazard, Disaster and Society HoominfarTu, Th  9:30-10:50am
Global Hlth 338-0-1Environmental JusticeHoominfarTu, Th  2:00-3:20pm
Global Hlth 340-0-20Mental Health and the Arts LockeW  2:00-4:50pm
Global Hlth 390-0-19Silent but Loud: Negotiating HealthMitchellTu, Th   11:00-12:20pm
Global Hlth 390-0-20Remixing Qualitative MethodsMitchellTu, Th  9:30-10:50am
Global Hlth 390-0-21International Public HealthLeonardM   6:15-9:00pm
Global Health 390-0-27Native American Health Research and PreventionReyesM, W   12:30-1:50pm
Global Hlth 390-0-28Global EpidemicsAuM, W, F   10:00-10:50am
Global Hlth 390-0-29Global Circulations and Human HealthAuM, W, F   11:00-10:50am
History 101-7-24Scientific Lives - European History AlderTu, Th  11:00-12:20pm
History 103-7-26Food, Pets, Kin and Threats: Animals in HistoryBarnettTu, Th  11:00-12:20pm
History 251-0-20The Politics of Disaster: A Global Environmental HistoryBarnettTu, Th  3:30-4:50pmSHC Core Course - List A
History 309-0-20American Environmental HistoryWoodhouseTu, Th  2:00-3:20pm
History 325-0-20History of American Technology AlderM, W   2:00-3:20pmSHC Core Course - List A
History 376-0-20Global Environments and World HistoryTilleyTu, Th  2:00-3:20pm
History 395-0-20The Black DeathElliot3:30-4:50pm 
History 395-0-22Podcasting the History of Science TBDTu, Th  12:30-1:50pm
Humanities 101-6-20What Science Can't Teach Us: A Humanities ApproachSoniTu, Th   3:30-4:50pm
Humanities 210-0-40Science Fiction and Detective Literature in the Global SouthMaguire and BrueckM, W   3:30-4:50pm
Humanities 325-4-20Refugees, Migration, Exile: Digital Storytelling WorkshopMolinaW   2:00-4:30pm
Humanities 370-3-20Race,Gender, Sex and Science: Identities and DifferenceEpsteinTu, Th  9:30-10:50am
Philosophy 101-7-20Philosophy of Sex, Gender and Sexuality HorneTu, Th  9:30-10:50am
Philosophy 101-7-22The Digital Self: Freedom, Truth and Wellbeingvan ElswykM, W   2:00-3:20pm
Philosophy 110-0-20Intro to PhilosophyGoldbergM, W   9:30-10:50am
Philosophy 254-0-20Intro to Philosophy of the Natural WorldMuellerM, W   9:30-10:50am
Philosophy 269-0-20BioethicsHorneTu, Th   2:00-3:20pm SHC Core Course - List B
Political Science 101-7-23Are You a Gadget? Monoson-BernsTu, Th  12:00-1:20pm
Psychology 101-7-1Mental Health Diagnosis and TreatmentGorvineTu, Th  9:30-10:50am
SESP-Learning Sciences 301-0-20Design of Learning EnvironmentsVakilM, W   9:30-10:50am
Sociology 101-7-11Gender and GlobalizationGonsalvesM, W   2:00-3:20pm
Sociology 212-0-20Environment and SocietyEwertM, W   3:30-4:50pm
Sociology 216-0-20Gender and Society BehrmanTu, Th  3:30-4:50pm
Sociology 376-0-20Race, Gender, Sex and Science: Identities and Difference EpsteinTu, Th  9:30-10:50am
Sociology 376-0-21Neoliberalism, Postcolonial Theory and Human Rights GonsalvesM, W  11:00-12:20pm
SPCH-Comm St 295-20AfroFeminist Futures BaileyM, S   2:00-3:20pm
SPCH-Comm St 394-0-1Technology, Power and Resistance PinchM, W  11:00-12:20pm
SPCH-Comm St 395-0-21The Experience of Illness: Body, Self and StoryLambertM  11:00-1:50pm
SPCH-Comm St 395-0-22Interactive Museum Exhibit DesignLongM, W  9:30-10:50am
SPCH-Comm St 395-0-24Critical Internet Studies TBDW  2:30-5:20pm