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Winter 2024 Class Schedule

Anthro 290-0-1Race, Gender and Sexuality in Science and Anti-Science Wilkinson Tu, Th  11:00-12:20pm
Anthro 329-0-1Archaeology and Nationalism GunterTu, Th  2:00-3:20pm
Anthro 359-0-1The Human Microbiome and HealthAmatoTu, Th  11:00-12:20pm
Anthro 390-0-1Cities and Nuclear WeaponsMiyazaki M, W   5:00-6:20pm
Black Studies 380-0-20What's Tech Got to Do with It: Race and Resistancee CampbellTu, Th  12:30-1:50pm
Chicago Field Studies 392-0-20Field Studies in Public HealthPuriM  6:30-8:30pm
Classics 330-0-2Ancient Economy TerpstraTu, Th  11:00-12:20pm
Comp Lit 207-0-1Intro to Critical Theory AlznauerM, W   2:00-3:20pm
Comp Lit 301-0-30Culture in a Changing Climate ByrnesTu, Th  11:00-12:20pm
Earth and Planet Sci 114-0-1Evolution and the Scientific Method SagemanM, W, F   1:00-1:50pm
Economics 307-0-20Economics of Medical Care LimrockM, W, F  3:30-4:50pm
Economics 372-0-20Environmental Economics WitteTu, Th  9:30-10:50am
English 105-8-23Ecofiction and Human MetamorphosisCarmichaelM, W   2:00-3:20pm
English 274-0Introduction to Native American and Indigenous Literatures WisecupM, W   11:00-12:20pm
English 283-0-01Intro to Literature and the EnvironmentShannon-Wolff M, W   12:30-1:50pm
English 374-0-20What is an Indigenous Book?WisecupM, W   3:30-4:50pm
English 381-0-20Literature and Medicine EvansM, W   11:00-12:20pm
English 385-0-22Fiction and the Internet HodgeTu, Th  3:30-4:50pm
English 386-0-21Robots Real and Imagined LarkinM, W   12:30-1:50pm
Envr Policy and Culture 212-0-20Environment and Society EwertM, W   3:30-4:50pm
Envr Policy and Culture 337-0-1Hazard, Disaster and Society HoominfarTu, Th  2:00-3:20pm
Envr Policy and Culture 390-0-20Culture in a Changing Climate ByrnesTu, Th  11:00-12:20pm
Envr Policy and Culture 390-0-22Climate Change Law and Policy BurnsM, W   12:30-1:50pm
Envr Policy and Culture 390-0-24The World That Fossil Fuels MadeWoodhouseM, W   3:00-4:50pm
Gender St 250-0-20Race, Gender and Sexuality in Science and Anti-Science WilkinsonTu, Th  11:00-12:20pm
Gender St 332-0-20Health Activism PartridgeTu, Sh  12:30-1:50pm
Gender St 374-0-20Imagining the Internet EnteenM, W   12:30-1:50pm
German 337-0-1Science and Culture in Germany Kreinenbrock Tu, Th  2:00-3:20pm
German 346-0-1Talking Trash: Managing Waste in Culture HoltTu, Th  11:00-12:20pm
Global Hlth 201-0-20Intro to Global HealthLockeTu, Th  2:00-3:20pm
Global Hlth 222-0-20The Social Determinants of HealthMitchellTu, Th  9:30-10:50am
Global Hlth 302-0-20Global Bioethics Rodriguez Tu, Th   11:00-12:20pm
Global Hlth 302-0-21Global Bioethics ReyesW  2:00-4:50pm
Global Hlth 306-0-1Biomedicine and Culture SullivanTu  11:00-1:50pm
Global Hlth 309-0-1Biomedicine and World History TilleyTu, Th  2:00-3:20pm
Global Hlth 319-0-1Trauma and its Afterlives LockeW  2:00-4:50pm
Global Hlth 323-0-1Global Health from Policy to PracticeSullivanW  12:30-3:20pm
Global Hlth 325-0-1History of Reproductive Health RodriguezTu, Th  12:30-1:50pm
Global Hlth 337-0-1Hazard, Disaster and Society HoominfarTu, Th  2:00-3:20pm
Global Hlth 390-0-23Re-mixing Qualitative Methods ReyesM  2:00-4:50pm
Global Hlth 390-0-25Re-mixing Qualitative Methods MitchellTu, Th   11:00-12:20pm
Global Hlth 390-0-26Global Circulations and Human Health AuM, W, F   11:00-11:50am
Global Hlth 390-0-27Infectious Disease Eradication and Outbreak Control AuM, W, F  11:00-11:50am
History 102-8-22The Romantic Computer LindquistM, W   11:00-12:20pm
History 300-0-32History and Theory of InformationImmerwahrTu, Th  2:00-3:20pm
History 379-0-20Biomedicine and World History TilleyTu, Th   2:00-3:20pm SHC Core Course - List A
History 395-0-20The World That Fossil Fuels MadeWoodhouseM, W   3:00-4:50pm
Humanities 329-0-20Archaeology and Nationalism GunterTu, Th  2:00-3:20pm
Humanities 370-6-30Culture in a Changing Climate Byrnes Tu, Th 
McCormick - Computer Sci 396-0-11Computing, Ethics and Society ChavezTu, Th  9:30-10:50am
McCormick - Computer Sci 396-0-8Computing, Ethics and Society MeloTu, Th  9:30-10:50am
Philosophy 262-0-20Ethical Problems and Public Issues HorneTu, Th  2:00-3:20pm
Philosophy 326-0-20Political Philosophy of Health and Health Care HorneTu, Th  9:30-10:50amSHC Core Course - List B
Philosophy 390-0-20Philosophy of Disability van ElswykM, W   9:30-10:50am
Physics 101-8-1Science and Spirituality OdomM, W   1:30-2:50pm
Political Science 348-0-20Globalization NelsonM, W   3:30-4:40pm
Political Science 390-0-26Climate Change Law and PolicyBurnsM, W   12:30-1:50pm
Psychology 340-0-1Psychology and Law BroadersTh   3:30-6:20pm
Religious St 349-0-22Medicine, Miracles and Magic: HealthcareStewartM, W   3:30-4:50pm
Religious St 369-0-20Religion in the Digital Age UcaM, W  2:00-3:20pm
Comm St 101-1-1Communication in Context SchwochTu, Th  11:00-12:20pm
Comm St 395-0-21History of Theory and InformationImmerwahr - ShawTu, Th  2:00-3:20pm
SESP - Learning Sciences 214-0-20Culture and CognitionVakilM, W   9:30-10:50am
Sociology 101-8-20Latinx Futurism MolinaTu, Th  3:30-4:50pm
Sociology 212-0-20Environment and SocietyEwertM, W   3:30-4:50pm
Sociology 306-0-20Sociological Theory EspelandTu, Th  9:30-10:50am
Sociology 376-0-20Transnational Gender and Sexuality GonsalvesM, W   3:30-4:50pm
Sociology 376-0-21Sociology of Technology MolinaTu, Th  11:00-12:20pm
Sociology 376-0-22Media, Movements and Social Change Billard Tu, Th  2:00-3:20pm