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Fall 2024 Class Schedule

Amer St 310-0-10Fear of Robots BrunerM, W   11:00-12:20pm
Anthro 214-0-2Archaeology: Unearthing HistoryRosenzweigTu, Th   12:30-1:50pm
Anthro 370-0-1Anthropology in Historical PerspectiveLaunayTu, Th  9:30-10:50am
Anthro 382-0-20Political EcologyRosenzweigM, W   11:00-12:20pm
Chem 105-7-01Science and the Scientist: The Essence and ImpactBernsM, W, F   11:00-11:50am
Comp Lit 302-0-1Intersections between Literature and MathematicsFenvesM, W   2:00-3:20pm
Econ 101-7-20Why Gender Matters in EconomicsSaboritTu, Th  9:00-12:20pm
Econ 307-0-26Economics of Medical CareLimbrockTu, Th  12:30-1:50pm
Econ 323-2-20Enconomic History of the United States 1865-PresentChabotM,W  6:30-7:50pm
Econ 324-0-20Western Economic History HanlonTu, Th  2:00-3:20pm
English 101-7-23Bioinsecurities: Race and Colonialism in Global SouthNadimintiM, W   3:30-4:50pm
English 300-0-20Warp Drives and Time MachinesMoonM, W   11:00-12:20pm
English 338-0-20Brave New WorldsWestTu, Th  9:30-10:50pm
English 375-0-20Interracial EncountersHuangM, W   12:30-1:50pm
English 381-0-20Underlying Conditions: Race, Health, MedicineHuangM, W   2:00-3:20pm
Envr Pol Culture 337-0-1Hazard, Disaster and Society HoominfarM  11:00-1:50pm
Envr Pol Culture 338-0-1Environmental Justice HoominfarW   11:00-1:50pm
Envr Pol Culture 339-0-1Silent but Loud: Negotiating Health MitchellTu, Th  11:00-12:30pm
Envr Pol Culture 384-0-20Political Ecology RosenzweigM, W   11:00-12:20pm
Envr Pol Culture 390-0-20Contemporary Issues in EnergyBurnsTu, Th  11:00-12:20pm
Envr Pol Culture 390-0-24Research in Global Climate ChangeRuggles and SuiseeyaTu  9:00-11:50am
Envr Pol Culture 390-0-25Museums ZorachF  1:00-3:50pm
Envr Pol Culture 390-0-26Climate Change Literature DimickM, W   12:30-1:50pm
Gbl Hlth 201-0-20Introduction to Global Health SullivanTu, Th  9:30-10:50am
Gbl Hlth 222-0-20Social Determinants of HealthLockeTu, Th  11:00-12:20pm
Gbl Hlth 302-0-20Global Bioethics ReyesTu  2:0-4:50pm
Gbl Hlth 303-0-1Remixing Qualitative MethodsMitchellTu, Th  9:30-10:50pm
Gbl Hlth 309-0-1Biomedicine and World HistoryTilleyM, W   11:00-12:20pm
Gbl Hlth 310-1-1Maternal Health in the 20th CenturyRodriguezTu, Th  12:30-1:50pm
Gbl Hlth 325-0-1History of Reproductive Health RodriguezTu, Th  2:00-3:20pm
Gbl Hlth 337-0-1Hazard, Disaster and SocietyHoominfar11:00-1:50pm 
Gbl Hlth 338-0-1Environmental JusticeHoominfarW  11:00-1:50pm
Gbl Hlth 339-0-1Silent but Loud: Negotiating HealthMitchellTu, Th  11:00-12:30pm
Gbl Hlth 340-0-20Mental Health and the Arts LockeW  2:00-4:50pm
Gbl Hlth 390-0-21International Public HealthLeonardM  6:15-9:00pm
Gbl Hlth 390-0-28Global Circulations and Human HealthAuM, W, F   10:00-10:50am
Gbl Hlth 390-0-29Infectious Disease Eradication and Outbreak ControlAuM, W, F   11:00-11:50am
Gbl Hlth 390-0-30Native American Health Research and PreventionReyesTh  2:00-4:50pm
Gndr St 331-0-23Sociology of GenderEwertM, W   3:30-4:50pm
Gndr St 341-0-21Universal Trans Rights and Medical PracticesEnteenTu, Th  12:30-1:50pm
Gndr St 374-0-1Imagining the InternetEnteenM, W   11:00-12:20pm
History 102-7-20Social History of the InternetWoodhouseTu, Th  9:30-10:50pm
History 103-7-22Climate Change and Civilizations OgundiranM, W   9:30-10:50pm
History 220-0-20History of the Future AlderTu, Th   11:00-12:20pmSHC Core Course - List A
History 379-0-20Biomedicine and World HistoryTilleyM, W   11:00-12:20pmSHC Core Course - List A
History 393-0-24Computing: A Global HistoryLindquistM, W   12:30-1:50pm
History 393-0-28Illness and Disability in History HamzaM, W   12:30-1:50pm
Humanities 220-0-20Health, Biomedicine, Culture and SocietyMolinaTu, Th  11:00-12:20pmSHC Core Course - List B
Humanities 260-0-23Minds+Machines: Philosophical Issues in Generative AIHyskaTu, Th   12:30-1:50pm
Legal St 376-0-22Fear of Robots BrunerM, W   11:00-12:20pm
Medill - Journalism 390-0-27Viruses and Viral MediaThrasherM, W   10:00-11:20am
Phil 101-7-20Philosophy of Sex, Gender and SexualityHorneTu, Th  9:30-10:50am
Phil 110-0-20Intro to Philosophy GoldbergM, W   9:30-10:50am
Phil 210-1-20History of Philosophy YauM, W   3:30-4:50pm
Phil 225-0-20Minds and Machines HyskaTu, Th  12:30-1:50pm
Phil 315-0-20Studies in French Philosophy DeutscherTu, Th  6:30-7:50pm
Phil 327-0-20Philosophy of Psychology TBDM, W   9:30-10:50am
Poli Sci 390-0-21Research in Global Climate ChangeSuiseeyaTu  9:00-11:50am
Psych 101-7-1Mental Health Diagnosis and TreatmentGorvineTu, Th  12:30-1:50pm
Psych 101-7-2Truth, Truthiness, and Trust in the Age of DeepfakesPenningtonM, W   11:00-12:20pm
Psych 101-7-3Black Minds: Psychology's Construction and ConstrictionMesghinaM, W   3:30-4:50pm
Sch of Comm - Comm St 387-0-1Critical Internet Studies ZidaniW  1:30-4:20pm
Sch of Comm - Comm St 395-0-23Social History of Psychedelic MedicinesLambertM, W   1:30-2:50pm
Sch of Comm St - Comm St 395-0-22Interactive Museum Exhibit DesignLongTu, Th  11:00-12:20pm
Sch of Comm St - Comm St 395-0-25Social Media, Technology and Mental HealthSyversenTu, Th  1:00-2:20pm
Sch of Comm St - Comm St 395-0-26Digital Propaganda and RepressionLuM, W   9:30-10:50am
Soc 220-0-20Health, Biomedicine, Culture and Society Molina Tu, Th  11:00-12:20pmSHC Core Course - List B
Soc 356-0-20Sociology of GenderEwertM, W   3:30-4:50pm